About us…

Zoey is one of three feline members of my household.  She also has two canine sisters and, with two strong front legs, manages to rule the roost.  Zoey will be seven years old in April 2014 and was diagnosed permanently paraplegic at approximately six weeks of age in 2007.  She is a fascinating cat with so much personality that you can’t help but laugh out loud at her antics.  She is an inspiration to me (her mom), family, and friends.  If she weren’t so sassy, she’d be an amazing therapy cat.

Together with my husband, Kyle, the seven of us live in suburban Metro-Detroit, Michigan.

Life and living with a handicapped pet becomes routine once you’ve been doing it for some time.  But, it’s oh-so-different too.  And so spectacularly unique, special, and wonderful.  As I get older and wiser, I find myself truly living a more fearless life and I say this to you, especially if you are considering bringing a special needs pet into your home: be fearless for the rewards far outnumber the sacrifices.  It’s a decision you’ll be glad you made and you’ll never be more inspired.

Stay tuned to learn more about Zoey’s life thus far including tips, facts, and resources for peacefully co-existing with a special needs pet.  (And any pets for that matter!)  I’ve sort of become an expert over the years.

In peace,


& with love,


Questions about anything you’ve read?  Send me an email: aimee275@hotmail.com

All images © 2006-2014 Aimee L-N.  Photos located on/within The life and times of Zoey may not be used without permission.


7 thoughts on “About us…

  1. Hello! I ran across your page looking for some new rescue blogs to follow. What you do is fantastic (I seriously teared up reading about all the extra effort you go through to care for a handicapped rescue), and I’d like to nominate you for something called the Liebster Award! The purpose of this award is to help smaller blogs increase viewership and connect with other blogs. If you haven’t already been nominated for this, check out my most recent blog post for instructions on accepting this award. =)

  2. Hi, Aimee! I just found your blog. My name’s Crepes and I write a special needs blog about special needs pets. It’s really nice to meet you! Great job you’re doing here! – Crepes.

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