Ordinary life?

It seems to be the way of the world these days.  Time just flies by and you’re left to wonder “where did it go?”  I think of blogging often – usually during my commute to and from work each day – and recently considered how sometimes life is just simply being lived and everything is okay or some form of relatively okay or even good.  Balanced.  And it struck me, while I was on this train of thought, that I often write about the challenges and troubles associated with having a house full-o-pets, particularly a paraplegic cat.  Even though I learn a lot during those times and I am reminded of how deep my love runs for my babies, it’s important – perhaps critical – to share with all of you that even with all of this going on in our little world (home), life can simply be lived and enjoyed.  Even with a paraplegic cat and geriatric dog!  Life can be normal.  Whatever that means for each of us.  For our family it means waking up, going through our morning routine, going to work, scheduling appointments, making decisions, coming home, eating dinner and going through our evening routine, laying on the couch and watching TV, checking email, working out, doing laundry and yard work and running errands.  We just live.  And our pets – my babies – live it all with us and together we endure the “normal” and “abnormal” moments of this life.

So, if you’re wondering if there will ever be balance, if you’ll ever get to live a “ordinary life” with all the special needs around you, I am here to tell you that it can be done.  Maybe you don’t have a special needs or handicap pet in your life right now.  But, one day, you might just cross paths with one and you’ll be faced with an opportunity and a decision.  Please remember that all the work is worth it.  And you too can live an ordinary life in the midst of not-so-ordinary circumstances.

ordinary lifeAn ordinary day for Zoey can still be special, perhaps perfect.  Here she gets a few licks of vanilla ice cream that was shared between all the dogs and cats.


2 thoughts on “Ordinary life?

  1. Normal is different for all of us. And the best part? It changes constantly. Whether it be because our pets are aging or we are aging or life just changes, normal just becomes a different routine.

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