Problem solved…?

Zoey seems to be back to normal after her second bout of constipation in January.  I was (and may still be) obsessed with her bowel movements; the frequency, consistency, and overall volume.  At her follow-up visit in February, the doctors were unable to palpate any stool in her colon/intestines and determined that we didn’t need to do any additional diagnostics.  Thus, no megacolon.  Now that the laxatone is part of our daily routine I think we’ve got this constipation thing managed.

All around, good – scratch that – great news.

However, it’s occurred to me recently that all of my babies are getting older.  And with age comes ailments and general deterioration.  Zoey’s paralysis and unique needs will most likely mean that she (we) will experience a variety of different issues as she gets older.  In January, the doctor was able to see on her x-rays that Zoey’s spine is showing signs of age – which is typical – and that was a reminder that my littlest baby, while still little, is getting older.  So, while I am glad to say that we’re past the constipation issue right now, I am aware that other things can and will pop up over time.

I do all that I can to prevent my babies from experiencing illness, infection, and discomfort.  I remind them all the time that their “only job is to stay healthy.”  It doesn’t mean they are going to listen.  But, I am hopeful.

Purring in the sunshine.Purring in the sunshine.  Zoey will turn seven in April.



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