My high school Spanish teacher taught us the phrase “Despues de la lluvia, sale el sol.”  It means “After the rain, the sun comes out.”  Things have been quite sad around here lately as my family prepares to lose my grandmother.  Today I am spending the day doing all of the things that have been ignored this week: laundry, cleaning, paying bills, and checking email.  I took a moment to look around just now and saw all of my fur-babies lounging peacefully near Kyle and I as we sit at our desks.  When I looked down next to me, not far from my feet, I found my sweet, littlest baby Zoey looking up at me ever so cutely and I was reminded of how important our perspective – or purrspective – is during times like these.  Looking down at her precious little cat face, I remind myself that the sun will come out again.

"did you need something?"




5 thoughts on “Purrspective.

  1. So sorry to hear that you are losing your grandmother. You will cherish all the memories you have with her I’m sure. Be sure to hug all your fur kids tight. They do so much to heal our souls!

  2. So sorry to hear that you are losing your Grandmother. You are in my thoughts and prayers. As for Zoe and the rest of the clan, they always make me smile 🙂 love it when Ana and Chewy are at the fence calling Milo and Mocha 🙂

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