Dog Days

It’s been really hot and humid around here and has just in the last day or so cooled off quite a bit.  Throughout much of the summer, Anya and Chewy have been enjoying the air conditioning inside and, this weekend, found the pile of pillows I made while washing all of the pieces of their beds to be extraordinarily comfortable.

Chewy settles in.Our old girl, Chewy, actually thought of the idea first and gingerly made her way onto the pile, circled a couple of times, and settled in for a good snooze.  Kyle quietly – stealthily – captured this moment with his phone before she even knew what happened.

this looks like a good idea.Realizing that the pillows were fair game, Anya followed Chewy’s lead and made her way over for a siesta.  Anya had some kind of stomach bug/upset at the end of last week and she was just starting to feel better with a couple days of medication on board.

Anya...always a lady.No nap is complete without a little lady-like posing and a good stretch.  When I saw this, I knew she was feeling better.

Oddly enough, the cats haven’t shown any interest in the pile of pillows.  They prefer their pillows to be covered with fleece cases and perfectly fluffed.


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