Up close with Lucy

If I am home, Lucy can surely be found next to or on me.  Along with Zoey, she’s one of the more adventurous souls living in our home but, when it comes to momma-lovin’ she’s all about it and chooses to stay close by.  So close, in fact, that we affectionately refer to her as a ‘love slut’ – will work for love.  Determined and defiant, she leaps onto an open lap, chest, arm, or back as if it’s a bed designed especially for her.  And, if your hand should dare to reach out, she runs up and thrusts her head into it and glides her body along your fingertips to be sure she doesn’t miss a single petting session.

chin scratches

lap time with Lucy

saucy girl, LucyEyes slightly squinted, purr box rumbling, and as close as she can get to my face, I know that my Lucy is one saucy girl.  Blows my mind to think that she (and Lily) are nearly seven years old!



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