The cat litter challenge

Awhile back I wrote about my frustrations with the cat litter that had long been my mainstay.  I had a lengthy list of requirements for a new litter and, thanks to you, I found one to risk trying.  Today, after finally depleting my stock of the other litter, I emptied the litter boxes, wiped down the litter closet floor and walls (ridding us of the nasty dust once and for all) and poured in the test litter: Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Scoopable Litter.

Much to my surprise, Dr. Elsey’s is virtually dust free and has no strong perfume-y scent!  The granules seem like tiny little hard rocks that will (fingers crossed!) clump together nicely and hopefully not track too far outside of the box.  The cost of Dr. Elsey’s is comparable to what I have been paying for Fresh Step for the same amount of product which is a fantastic selling point.  The only downside at this point is that the litter comes in an annoying plastic bag rather than a tub or cardboard box.  Thankfully I’ve been reusing an old container and was able to pour the bag into there.

We have two litter boxes in our house for Lucy and Lily – one is covered and one is not.  Both are larger boxes and require 15+ pounds of litter to give them a 2-3″ depth.  With the 40 lb. bag of Dr. Elsey’s, I was able to fill both boxes and have a bit of litter left for replenishing.  I scoop the boxes just about everyday, adding a little fresh litter when necessary, and dump them completely every 2-3 weeks depending on the condition of the litter.  Sometimes they can go longer and sometimes they need to be dumped sooner.

Now that the new stuff has been poured in, the real test begins.  Both girls have yet to use their freshened-up loo so I have no idea how well the odor control will work with this litter or how much it tracks outside the box, if at all.  But, we’ve already enjoyed the no-perfume-no-dust factor.  And that’s a biggie.  Only time will tell how well this litter meets our needs but so far, I am impressed.  Stay tuned for future updates and thanks again for making such great recommendations!

(In case you’re wondering – I use a separate litter box and different, non-clumping, litter for Zoey.  The larger pieces of non-clumping litter ensure that Zoey doesn’t come away from a bladder expression with litter on her toes or tail.) 


3 thoughts on “The cat litter challenge

    • I haven’t decided yet! I like a lot about Dr. Elsey’s but it doesn’t cover odor and seems to get stale fast. So I have been mixing in Nature’s Miracle litter which has a nice, light fragrance and that’s been helping. But the NM litter has more dust. So…. the challenge is still challenging and I am still on the prowl for the perfect litter. 🙂

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