Six…for sure!

We’ve come to the end of April; the end of Zoey’s birthday-month.  She’s definitely six years old now and I caught myself, this morning, thinking back to when she was a little mouse of a kitten.  She was (and still is, of course!) very happy, playful, uber curious, and full of life.  Early on everything she did sort of amazed me.  As I learned how to best take care of her and gained confidence in handling a paraplegic cat, I realized how madly in love with her I was.  Now, I get all sentimental when I think about “my baby” and look at old photos.  My only regret: not taking even more photos!

wild cat playZoey has always loved the cat tree.  When the cats would chew off the manufacturer toys, I would add my own ribbons/toys to the tower so that they could hunt something.

you smell funnyStill a kitten herself, Lucy wanders by while Zoey leans in for a sniff of her sister.  Look how huge Zoey’s pants (in x-small!) look!  Ha!  Also notice that there are two dog toys in this photo: a pink stuffed pig and a tennis ball.  You’d think I had small children with the number of toys that are always strewn about our house.

hey!I can’t even count the number of times I have found/find Zoey peeking out from under or around things.  She’s a little mouse here…maybe a few pounds.  She’s just too cute.

hey MyaAlways close-by, Mya managed to get her snout into the photo.  Zoey looks surprised – almost as if she was getting scolded for being too wild.  I smiled when I came across this photo just now and can’t believe how fast the last six years have gone by.

I wish for time to slow down just a bit…to allow us all to savor each moment a little longer.



4 thoughts on “Six…for sure!

  1. Happy Bday Zoey, wish I could celebrate with you, maybe a nice tuna cake with candles. Guess what I did? I like to sleep behind the TV. But there is wires to the speakers on the top of the entertainment center and they were getting in my way, so I chewed thru them, all three. My Dad was upset, he fixed them, so guess what? Yep chewed thru them again! He fixed them again, but put some plastic stuff on them, hard to chew.
    Well not much else new, guess I’ll go to my window in the bedroom, and make the dogs next door bark at me.I love doing that. Love cousin EMMA

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