Hanging out

I’m excited to share that I am returning to the field of veterinary medicine and am looking forward to learning the ropes at a new practice.  I officially start full-time today!  My schedule will, once again, be weird which means that I will be home sometimes during the day and able to capture some of the quiet weekday moments that occur with our fur-family when nobody is looking.

Zoey relaxes on the stairsLike this…I happened to turn around while working at my desk to catch Zoey in full-on relaxation mode on the stairs.  She has been playing with her two favorite toys on and off all morning and, on of her trips up/down the stairs, paused to catch her breath and look around.  She was a little surprised by the flash.

what are you doing, momma?Once the camera came out, Zoey was on the move.  She is fascinated with the little strap that dangles from the camera and had to come in closer to where I was sitting to get a better look.

it moves...and makes a soundI brought my peace-sign clock home from my office last week and, for lack of a better place to put it, I set it on the floor today.  I caught Zoey staring at the moving second-hand and tilting her head to the tick-tick of the clock.  She keeps coming back to it with a look of pure wonder on her face.  I smile every time I catch her parked in front of it.  I think I will have to leave it on the floor for her entertainment.





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