Birthday wish come true

I got the call from our veterinarian on Friday night – the results of the repeat urine culture we sent out last weekend had come in from the lab.  Zoey’s urine – collected via a sterile collection method called cystocentesis – was negative for bacteria growth.  Meaning that Zoey does not have a bladder infection!

It also means that my gut instincts were right again.  I knew Zoey had an infection early on but could tell that she had gotten better after the two rounds of antibiotics.  She was behaving normally, eating and drinking as usual and her urine/urination had returned to normal.  So, when her second urine culture came back with the same level of bacteria growth, I was very worried but also a bit suspicious.  After talking it through with the doctor on Easter, we determined that the best course of action was to run another test (which they paid for) and double-check before administering anymore medication.

I am proud of our decision and, ultimately, relieved that my little Zoey-pants continues to be a miracle kitty.  I’ve always been a believer in trusting your gut and speaking up for yourself…this was just another reminder that it’s important to be honest, express your concerns, and be relentless in your pursuit (or purr-suit in this case) of just about everything.

Here’s to hoping that Zoey’s 6th year continues to be happy and healthy!


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