Happy Birthday Zoey!

Zoey turned six yesterday and I still can’t believe that my little miracle baby is not a kitten anymore!  My life – her life – our lives – have changed SO much in the past six years it makes my head spin.  We’ve lived in three states in half a dozen homes, lost Mya and added Anya to our family, and had our fair share of ups and downs.  Nearly six years of bladder expressions, constant learning, and daily amazement on my part…wow, my baby is  six!

We took a few moments yesterday to celebrate and I gave Zoey some new feathered toys.  At first she just checked the toys out but, by the end of the day, they were all over their bedroom and the living room; today they are even more scattered throughout the levels of our home and some are missing their feathers.  Zoey has always enjoyed toys and it gives me great satisfaction to know that she will enjoy each new toy for a long time to come.

Happy birthday little girl!  May this year be full of warm sunshine perfect for lounging, more adorable moments to photograph, and good – fantastic – health!

new toys!

I am six.

Updates: I purchased my first bag of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat cat litter.  I still have some Fresh Step to finish but, soon, I will let Lucy and Lily try out the new stuff.  Also, we are re-testing Zoey’s urine to determine if we’re really dealing with an overgrowth of bacteria.  More to come.


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Zoey!

  1. Zoey Happy 6th Birthday, I’m going to be 1on 4/12.I love toys too,I got alot of them and they are scattered all over the house, but that way if I walk by I got something to swat. Tell your mommy
    to get you a laser light, it drives me up the wall,literally. Auntie Barb played with me with it when she was here.Well I need a nap. Have fun blowing out the candles, but watch your whiskers.
    Love Cousin Emma

    • Thanks, Uncle Dan & Emma…wow, Emma, we can’t believe you’re going to be 1 already! Wish you could come visit us…we think you need a cat sister.

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