Frustrated and concerned

The final results of Zoey’s second urine culture came back yesterday and, unfortunately, remain the same as before.  Positive for E.coli and some other bacteria.  After four weeks of antibiotics, we are going back to the vet this afternoon (yep, on Easter) for another round of antibiotics and to have a conversation about what, if any, other options are available.  I am frustrated that we haven’t seen any marked improvement in her results and very concerned. You see, what is a problem in the bladder today can become a problem in the kidneys tomorrow.  And, quite frankly, I have lost one baby to kidney disease…I just cannot go back there.

I am going to work hard to stay positive and not get ahead of myself.  It’s difficult because, really, my babies are the only things I worry about…I am not a worrier by nature but when something is wrong with one of my fur-children, I might as well be pacing the floor wringing my hands.  My hackles (so to speak) go up like any momma and I become protective, focused, and determined.  I have already begun the process of over-informing myself about E.coli infections of the bladder and pulled out some of my old tricks.  Last night I started mixing dried cranberry extract back into Zoey’s food which I had stopped doing a couple of years ago because it didn’t seem like she needed it.  Well, it’s back.  Plus, I’ve pulled out my favorite book, The Nature of Animal Healing by Dr. Marty Goldstein, to refresh myself on homeopathic/alternative remedies to supplement with the antibiotics.  And I am going to increase the number of times I express Zoey’s bladder each day in hopes of fully emptying her bladder more often to inhibit additional growth of the bacteria in the wall of her bladder.

Focused and determined.  But still frustrated and concerned.  I can’t help but feel like I have done something wrong or missed something but I can’t dwell on that.  It’s time to hone in on my littlest baby and get her back to 100%…and quick.

Looking at her you wouldn’t know she’s got anything icky going on inside.  She appears and acts as if she’s perfectly fine.  Living the good life…and preparing to celebrate her sixth birthday tomorrow.  Another lesson learned from my babies: Be present and enjoy.

looking for sunshine


time to play?


14 thoughts on “Frustrated and concerned

    • I’v been reading about glucosamine to support bladder health and purchased some supplements today! Thanks for the great recommendation. We appreciate your help!

  1. Poor Zoey. I hope she gets back on track fast. It must be so frustrating that the urine still isn’t clean! You are glowing everything you can. she is SO lucky to have you.

    • Thanks, everyone, for your comments and well-wishes. Our vet visit was positive and we’re actually doing a repeat culture to ensure that sample collection wasn’t an issue. So, we’re holding off on antibiotics until those results are in. But, I’m adding a glucosamine supplement and another product to her diet to help her overall bladder health. Fingers crossed!

  2. So sorry! I know what it’s like to have frustrating results no matter how on top of it you are… And they can’t tell you how they feel. May I recommend lysine? It’s good for the immune system. I wish you the best.

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