The cat litter quest

I’ve had it.  The Fresh Step cat litter I have long loved to use has changed…for the worse.  I don’t know why it’s changed but something has been different for the past couple of years and I’ve finally reached my breaking point.

DUST.  It’s a clay cat litter so I expect some dust.  But this is out of control.  I am constantly battling a layer of dust in the animals’ bedroom – even the walls have dust on them!  It’s making me crazy.  It also doesn’t help that the granules of litter seem to have gotten smaller and track ALL OVER my house.  Ugh.

I just finished scooping Lucy and Lily’s litter boxes and feel like I need to flush my nasal passages.  I can only imagine how their poor little noses (and respiratory systems!) are affected.

So, today I officially begin the quest to find a new cat litter.  I am hoping that all of you can help me with some reliable real-word recommendations.  I have been using Fresh Step for just about their entire lives because it’s been the litter that has consistently masked odor and clumped the tightest.  I’ve tested a number of other litters including Tidy Cats and The World’s Best Cat Litter (made of corn) and neither impressed me.  Thus, my requirements for the new litter are pretty stringent.

The new litter must:

1) not have any type of scent to it yet must absolutely 100% cover urine/feces odor

2) have minimal dust content

3) clump solidly

4) ideally – have minimal tracking  (How wonderful would it be for the litter to stay in or near the litter box?!)

5) ideally – be made of safe(r) substances

6) cost approximately the same as the Fresh Step which is $17 for 40 lbs (I am willing to pay more if it meets all of my requirements!)

What recommendations do you have for me?  I am – desperately – all ears!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the helpful tips so far!  I am going to try Dr. Elsey’s.  I called PetSmart and they carry the 40 lb bag for $16.99.  Keep the ideas coming.  We’ll be the consumer test subjects.  🙂


18 thoughts on “The cat litter quest

    • Thanks, Texas! Which type of Tidy Cats do your humans use? Maybe I will try them again. And you’re right…The World’s Best Cat Litter is VERY expensive. And, it doesn’t cover odor at all. I was hugely disappointed.

  1. World’s Best Cat Litter. It’s made of corn. It clumps great and keeps the feces/urine odor under control. Also, Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat. I love the World’s Best. The cats will use it, but they like Dr. Elsey’s better. I put 2 boxes side by side. One with Dr. Elsey’s and one with World’s Best. They used the Dr. Elsey’s. They are expensive but they last a lot longer than the other scoopable brands..

  2. I second the request for Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat. We initially chose it because we wondered if Genevieve’s respiratory issues were related to the ridiculous amount of dust in Tidy Cats. It is more expensive and harder to find, but it hits all of your other requirements. When I open a bag and pour it into the box, I am always amazed at how little dust there is. Sometimes, in an effort to cut costs, I buy a small box of Tidy Cats and mix it in with the Precious Cat. It’s a big blue bag–I want to say around $18 for 40 pounds, less if you can find it on sale. I’m a huge fan!

  3. World’s Best Cat Litter. I have tried pretty much everything (non-clay, I refuse to use it) and despite the fact that nothing REALLY covers up the smell of Taco’s horrid-smelling poops (it permeates the air before you can even cover it), it clumps really well for a non-clay. Everything I’ve ever used has dust, but…eh. More than anything, I recommend the litter genie. I just scoop as soon as he poops and the smell (whatever’s not already in the air) is gone. And I didn’t have to waste a plastic bag or run out to the trash to do it.

      • I guess I never paid attention to the price…I thought it was kinda in line with the rest? The bag will last me at least 2 weeks usually, and that’s in the main poop box. The litter genie allows me to go that long without a full flush, if you will, so I probably get more mileage out of the litter. Plus it clumps so well!

    • No joke. I currently have multiple layers of rugs and mats in the litter closet…I think there are four total. It’s ridiculous. I also have three different kinds of sweeper/swiffer/vacuum things to try and keep the floors clean.

  4. I use wood pellets for rabbits. It doesn’t clump as such but it covers the smell and it doesn’t track all over the place… Super super important on the boat else I get in trouble! Bisous Bailey

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