Flare up, part two

How quickly a month goes by when one is busy with everything…work (lots and lots of it the last two weeks), family, and fur babies.  Zoey is on her second round of antibiotics (we’ve gone the injectable route because each injection is good for two weeks) and will be heading back to the vet next week for a second urinalysis and urine culture.  Fingers crossed that the correct antibiotics will have knocked this E. coli infection out of her system and we’ll not see another urinary flare up for a long time.  I can say that she seems to be back to her normal self so that is good news.

Speaking of vet visits, they seem to be the theme in my life these days.  Between Zoey and prescription refills, I have been by the vet’s office at least four times in the past month.  I wonder if I might be entitled to an award of some sort?  Alas, probably not.  Lucy went in yesterday for her annual blood work and check-up and it was good news all around.  She’s lost 2.5 pounds in the last year (down to 11.4 pounds from 14) and all of her blood work is well within normal limits.  So, at least someone in this house is listening to my one simple rule: “Your only job is to stay healthy.”

Lucy...not in disguiseLucy, looking svelte, lays claim to a big box before I can even open it.

treat timeThe favorite feline hangout: the rug by the door wall.  It helps that there’s a heat vent not far away, bright morning sunshine, and – at this particular moment – a few Temptations kitty treats.  Even dieting gatos need a cookie every now and then.  (Zoey is not on a diet and often begs for cookies like a dog!)


2 thoughts on “Flare up, part two

  1. Lucy is beautiful too! Glad to know that she is purrfectly healthy =^.^=

    At one point last year, our humans were often at the vet because of Milou’s health issues. One day my human asked the vet if they could get some kind of rewards card (like in grocery and clothing stores). The vet laughed. But said no. Ah!

    Purrs to y’all

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