Flare Up

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  At the end of January I noticed that there was blood in Zoey’s urine so I administered her anti-inflammatory medication for three days thinking that this was another FLUTD flare-up.  It seemed like things were getting back to normal when, last night, I noticed blood again.  Then, this morning, Zoey seemed a little lethargic so I knew it was time to see the doctor.  I got her into the vet this evening and, to my surprise (and dismay), there was bacteria in her urine.  So, she’s on a two-week course of oral antibiotics and her urine is off to the lab for yet another urine culture.  Happy Valentine’s Day to her…us.

I spent a lot of time thinking today about doctors and veterinary medicine and concluded that my relationships with my veterinarians are some of the most important human relationships I have.  I feel a strong connection with the professionals who care for my babies and, especially, those who respect my opinion, my personal expertise, and my time.  I am truly grateful for open-minded, friendly doctors who practice high quality medicine and care about the animals they serve.  Zoey was an excellent patient today and we had an all-around positive (albeit expensive) visit.

In hindsight: I should have gone to vet school.  Ahh….hindsight.



4 thoughts on “Flare Up

    • I know…I feel/am the same way! It’s frustrating but also a little reassuring. I just wish I could save myself the time and money and be able to diagnose and prescribe!

  1. Hi Zoey, this your cousin Emma, I hop you are feeling better. My daddy has told me about you, and if I jump on the kitchen counter again, he’s going to have a fitt.Take your medicine.And stay off the counters.Other than that, say hi to all my other cousins………Sumtines I have a hard time typing because I gott six fingers and the kyboard is too smll…Hapy Valens Day…Love Cusion Emma

  2. Poor Zoey! What could bacteria in her urine mean? I’m glad you took her in and have some answers now, I hope she isn’t uncomfortable?
    How old is Zoey?

    You would have been a great Vet.

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