Just being a cat

Paraplegic.  Handicap.  Special needs.  Inspirational.  Funny.  Talkative.  Playful.  Frisky.  Happy.  Unique.  Cat.

All words that describe my baby Zoey.  In the end, though, she’s just a cat who enjoys lap time and snuggling with her momma on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

calm kitty


3 thoughts on “Just being a cat

  1. Aimee, your blog has given me so much hope! Two weeks ago, my precious cat, Maisy was injured (we don’t know how) and came home with a terrible injury to her back left foot. It looked as if the whole middle toe had been pulled off and the foot looked like so much ground meat. I took her to the vet where it was examined, a biopsy was done and the vet gave her a 2-week antibiotic shot and gave me instructions on how to care for her foot. A couple of days later, we noticed that she was moving around with difficulty and I thought maybe she had some hip involvement in her right leg. So back to the vet we went, only to find out that she had become paralyzed from the waist down. We have no idea how this injury occurred. Her foot had not really improved so we were given a two week oral medication and we continued with her anti-inflamatory. Maisy is mostly an indoor cat who only ventured outside for a few minutes to lie in the sun. She was very large (15.7lbs) at the time and has lost a pound or two since the paralysis. She is 8 years old and I rescued her from some previous neighbors who severely abused her. We were moving and at the last load, I scooped her up and took her with us. I seriously doubt the owners ever cared what happened to her. When I got the news that she was paralyzed, all I could think of was that the vet would tell me she needed to be euthanized. Instead, she suggested we give her time, all of which included medication, expressing her bladder and manually emptying her bowels, keep her clean and change her bedding 3 or 4 times a day. I didn’t know they made the Pooch Pads, but will definitely buy some! We are using towels with plastic underneath, either in a laundry basket with a plastic covered pillow with a soft blanket on top of that, or on a nice, soft blanket on the floor. I try to keep her in places where she can see us and see out the windows, she eats and drinks enthusiastically. This is all very new to me, but I am happily willing to do anything and everything to help her have a good quality of life even living with paralysis. Your blog has given me so much needed information and I no longer feel as if euthanasia is the only answer. I want her to have a great life like Zoey and feel I have much to learn. I have two other cats, Mouser, who is 13 and Pip, a baby about 6 months old. They come and touch noses with Maisy but otherwise ignore her for the most part. I’m dying to cuddle with her but we don’t know if she may have a pelvic or spinal fracture and I’m afraid I’ll hurt her. I can’t bear the thought of losing my sweet, loving and beautiful cat who, when I cried, would climb on my lap and stroke my face with her soft paw. She slept wrapped around my head and loved to press her face against mine and purr as we slept. She has dragged herself from the living room to the bathroom and turned herself around on the rug, so I believe she is motivated to move. Should I let her do that as she wants? We have wood floors which can be slippery, is this a problem? I remembered that all her life she loved to snuggle up to some piece of clothing one of us had worn and suckle and knead it, purring all the while. So I put a t-shirt I had worn beside her and she immediately began to suckle and knead it. We never leave her for more than an hour or two and if we can, one of us is with her all the time. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Zoey and I’d love for Maisy to feel and be more independant. I’m sorry this is so long, I was advised by a friend to look up your blog and it has done so much good for my outlook on Maisy’s prognosis. Can you, if possible, give me your thoughts on what to do, what to expect and what else I can do to give her the best life she can have?

    • Hi Diane,
      Thank you for your comment…I am so glad that you found me/us! I am going to send you a separate email with more info. I look forward to talking more and learning more about Maisy.

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