Spreading the love

As you might imagine, I get a ton of animal-related email.  Forwarded photos, funny and heartwarming stories, rescue bulletins, etc.  Some of which I have seen dozens of times over the past 10+ years.  But, this one takes the cake – or milk bone, if you prefer.  The crew and I collaborated and Zoey approved so today’s post will be a bit of a PSA (public service announcement.)

Having been involved with animals and animal welfare for quite some time, I sometimes feel like I have seen all of the marketing ploys out there.  (You know those commercials…with the sad puppy dog eyes and crying kittens…they break my heart.)  But this video created by the SPCA of Wake County (in North Carolina) is different!  It made me smile, laugh out loud, and get up and dance!  Living in a society that employs shock and stun media day in and day out, I was jolted just now by positive – even reaffirming – and encouraging images of people helping animals.

With that, I implore you to take the 4.5 minutes just for yourself and celebrate the great things YOU do for animals and the great things that the team of SPCA of Wake County are clearly doing.  If I lived in NC, I would definitely be stopping by to hug each of those people in the video.  Hope you enjoy the video as much as we do!

This message is Zoey approved.

Zoey in her Christmas pantsZoey in her Christmas pants.  A thin fabric diaper, I put it on over her normal Pooch Pants diaper.



9 thoughts on “Spreading the love

  1. It’s so weird how incredibly CUTE that is. The idea of a handicapped animal is so endearing, look at her! She’s beautiful 🙂

  2. She is not Zoey, she’s Scooter to Uncle Danny… that cat can go anywhere she wants., seen her do stairs up and down. Also saw her go up the cat tree, blew me away.She has strong front legs…And she will lick you to death..Love ya Aimee..my beautiful niece..Uncle Dan

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