Soft kitty

When I noticed that it was nearly silent in our house just now, I went exploring and here’s what I found: Chewy knocked out on a dog bed, Lucy on the couch cushion, Anya sprawled out on the couch, Zoey sitting in wait (for something to happen), and Lily comfortably perched atop…a stuffed dog toy that happens to be a kitty.  I instantly thought of Sheldon and Penny (The Big Bang Theory) singing “Soft Kitty.”  Made my night.

soft kittyLily has always been a fan of stuffed animals yet I still crack up when I see her snuggled up to a slobbery dog toy.

047Not be ignored, Anya hopped off the couch to interrupt the photo shoot.

why is it so quiet in here?It’s like she’s asking me with her eyes “Well, are you going to play with me?”  She’s always ready to play.


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