Simply a resolution.

I never make New Year’s resolutions.  Except for the one time I spent New Year’s eve at the theater, alone, watching P.S. I Love You.  I was determined after seeing that movie – and crying my eyes out – to finally visit Ireland.  Alas, I haven’t made it there yet…and I digress.

This evening, while watching Anya leap around the living room with glee in her eyes and joy in her heart, I said – out loud – “I wonder why she’s always so happy?”  And, after a few moments of letting those words fill the air and sink in, I then said, with a smile on my face “I want to be as happy as she is…I want to be as happy as my dog.”

Now, I cannot deny that I haven’t noticed their glee and excitement before.  In fact, it occurs to me often that my pets are quite blissful creatures.  But, never more has it hit me like it did today how truly simple happiness can be.  I am a big believer in mind over matter; a realistic idealist is what I like to call myself.  So, tonight, in the presence of my fur-family and husband, I resolved to work every day at simply being a happier me.  To look for the joy in each moment.  To expect the good, the glorious, and wonderful.  To be surprised – caught off guard – by the negative.

I resolved today to be as happy as my dog.  She’s an excellent role model.  And I want to be just like her.

baby AnyaAnya is about 7 months old in this photo taken in July 2010.  She really does love and enjoy just about everything…other than having her ears cleaned.  If ever you wanted (or needed) a mentor in being blissfully happy, she’s your girl.


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