Hello New Year

We were out and about on Saturday and came home to find a strange lump under the Christmas tree skirt.  Surprise, surprise, it was little miss Zoey sacked out under the warmth of the quilted skirt.  Yesterday we put all of the Christmas decor away much to the dismay of Zoey, Lucy, and Lily.  I assured them that it will all be back in eleven months for their viewing, chewing, and napping pleasure.  Wishing you and yours a very safe and fun NYE and the most wonderful, happiest, healthiest year ahead!

~ Happy 2013 ~

snug as a...cat...Zoey’s wishes for the new year: no more homeless pets, lots of Temptation kitty treats to feed the hungry, world peace, and that we don’t all fall off of some cliff.  Clearly an idealist, she dreams big, what can I say?


7 thoughts on “Hello New Year

  1. So cute. I always find Sophie burrowed underneath things too. My kids were both really upset when we put away our tree. They were crying and we almost put it back up! It’s so sad when it’s over. Where is little Zoey going to sleep now? Happy New Year,

    • I was a little sad when the tree came down…I love the magic of the lights and the energy it seems to bring to the house. I can empathize with your kids. Zoey will have to sleep on one of the many dog and cat beds scattered throughout the house. Though her favorite bed is definitely the one in her crate!

  2. Our kitties always immediately claim the tree skirt as theirs for sleeping, cleaning, and playing. It is nice and fleecy, though, so I can’t blame them. This is such a cute pic of Zoey!

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