Zoey’s Christmas eve quandary

to lay or not to lay?
Zoey will curl up with Chewy anytime but when it comes to her other canine sister, Anya, sometimes she has to think about it.

it's decidedAfter several minutes of deliberation – and a longing look toward Chewy – Zoey opts to take a chance with the big dog and begins to get comfortable.  You see, big husky dogs are warm and like to curl up tight leaving plenty of room for little cats to share the bed.

These are the things that Zoey must consider on this eve of Christmas and I can’t help but smile.


3 thoughts on “Zoey’s Christmas eve quandary

  1. That is the cutest thing I have EVER seen. A paraplegic cat with a diaper… Wonderful that she has found a home that she’s loved in, that cat is a lucky animal! Heartwarming..

  2. I definitely apply the “full belly method” when I can see my cat getting excited at night. She sleeps at my feet, so I prefer her calm at that time of the day. Another thing I recently got, that might not apply to a paraplegic cat (? I don’t know lol) is a laser pointer. If she gets overly active in the evening, I make her run around and burn off the excess energy. She sleeps like a BABY after that! Literally dissuading her of any bad habits, though, is another thing, and I haven’t succeeded yet. The water squirting is a good red-handed-disciplinarian, but yeah, as soon as you turn your back, they’re right back to it…

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