The one and only: Zoey Bear

We’re nearing the end of my 12 days of pets countdown and I feel like I’ve just begun!  There are so many more animals who have impacted my life, I guess 12 days just doesn’t cut it.  So, I am making plans for a 2013 series highlighting our extended family of pets, their stories, and more about how we can make an impact for animals.  Please stay tuned, I think it will be fun.  Now, onto the pet of day eleven…

I started this blog with a mission in mind: share Zoey’s story and encourage others to consider adopting handicap/special needs pets.  In the six months since then, my mission has evolved a bit to include the many aspects of sharing our home(s) with pets including my personal stories and now I, as I am finding my blogging-self, my goal has expanded to sharing my love for animals with everyone who stops by and, hopefully, being a source of helpful information and ideas to get the most out of living life with all pets.

Ultimately, it all comes back to the little gray cat we all know and love: Miss Zoey!  As you know, Zoey is my miracle baby; a constant source of inspiration and motivation.  I would not be the woman I am today if not for Zoey.  I am smarter, more aware, more responsible, and more compassionate than I was before she came into my life.  She’s special like that…everyone who meets her is impacted by her presence.  Rather than re-telling her story, I will simply celebrate her spectacular little self with photos.  Enjoy!

Life and times of Zoey.A baby, Zoey, reaches for my fingers while playing the ssssss-snake game.

The life and times of Zoey.Also an early shot of baby Zoey.  Here she was just walking around the house getting her daily exploring in.

The life and times of Zoey.The girls get a special treat for my 28th birthday.

The life and times of Zoey.Christmas 2007 – Zoey’s first Christmas.  Santa was very good to her and she appreciated every toy!

The life and times of Zoey.Goose is always climbing into boxes.  This one happened to fold up on her and Zoey took the opportunity to attack.

The life and times of Zoey.And, finally, the look of pure satisfaction and utter contentment.  That’s my Zoey girl.


4 thoughts on “The one and only: Zoey Bear

  1. Hi Aimee! I wanted to let you know that these posts have been so touching. I have been reading them all, but haven’t had a lot of time to comment lately. I have really enjoyed them. These are some great pictures of Zoey. She is so cute.

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