Lucy Goosey

Lucy was the second kitten I picked up on that fateful day in September 2006.  She was a little rowdier than her sister Lily and 1.5 ounces heavier.  As they grew, Lucy was the one to explore most things first almost as if she was doing a safety check for her sister.  Truly, from day one, I think that Lucy has watched over Lily and somehow assumed the role of protector and care taker.  It makes me wonder what the first week of their lives was like.  Clearly their mother came back to feed them several times.  They wouldn’t have survived otherwise.  And how did Lucy know or even want to assume the role of protector?

One of my most endearing memories of the kitten days is having both of them snuggled around my neck while laying on the couch.  Lily would snuggle up against Lucy and nurse on Lucy’s neck like she was nursing on her momma cat.  It was so adorable!  And Lucy would just lay there curled up against her little sister and let her suck away until she finally fell asleep.  For the first six months or so, the white fur around Lucy’s neck had a yellowish tinge to it.

Lucy is a cat of many nicknames.  Goose, The Goose, Goose-topher, Goosey, Luce the Goose, you get the drift.  When we yell “Goose!” she comes running.  She’s smart as a whip, talkative, and by far the naughtiest cat in our family.  She tells on herself every single night by yeow-odling from atop the refrigerator or kitchen table or some other surface where she should not be.  She chews on plastic bags, intentionally tips full cups of beverages over and randomly chooses to chase shadows on the TV.  I’ve moved a lot since I adopted Lily and Lucy (three states and eight addresses in six years) so they are champion travelers.  Maintaining her reputation for naughtiness, Lucy is the one who can find her way out of the carrier as I am cruising down the highway or sneaks out of a secure room and supervises the movers from the front porch nearly giving me a heart attack when I find her outside unsupervised!

But, Lucy is ultimately a lover cat.  Rest assured that she will snuggle with me on the couch and then follow me to bed every night.  She loves her sisters and regularly permits Anya and Chewy to chase and play with her.  She’s just one of those cats…a constant in my life…a healthy dose of check-your-ego-at-the-door-you’re-mine and I-love-you-so-much-I-have-to-be-near-you-all-the-time.  She’s my Goose and I just can’t imagine my life without her.

baby LucyI got lucky.  Both Lucy and Lily took to the bottle right away and were always good eaters.

crazy kittenThe essence of Lucy.

sisters & best friendsLucy and Lily, about 6 weeks old.

Lucy: always up to something.Once she was able to leap up onto the counters, it was hard getting her down.  There was always something to figure out.

Cat nap defined.No words.

The world is my playground.Lucy finds joy in satisfying her curiosity and exploring everything.



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