A very naughty cat

I thought I might take a break this weekend and start back with my 12 days of pets on Monday but I felt it imperative to share the ridiculous events of this morning.  As you may remember, Zoey is crated at nighttime.  She lounges comfortably in her bed atop a dog crate and has the best view in their bedroom.  She supervises the dogs while they sleep and keeps an eye on the other two cats who roam around wreaking havoc all night.

However, the nighttime chaos wasn’t what jarred Kyle and I awake this morning.  Instead, it was the sound of a cat making herself sound even heavier (somehow she does it) than she is by galloping at full speed from the animal bedroom across the hall to our bedroom, down the stairs and back again.  “Reooowwww”ing and running at full speed.  Back and forth, down the stairs, up the stairs, back and forth.  Once in a while, throwing in the occasional scratching session on our mattress/box spring.  This went on for, oh, maybe ten or fifteen minutes, getting louder until we finally were both fully awake.  And annoyed.

You see, we have been trying to break Lily of her scratch-on-the-bed-to-wake-them-up-and-feed-me routine for some time now but the running around – and sounding like a bowling ball rolling at champion speed on our wood floors – added on a whole new layer of joy to the morning!  Rudely awakened, Kyle jumped up and chased her with the squirt bottle.  She got a little wet.  He felt justice had been served.  Then he came back to bed.  Lily followed and sat on the floor by the heat vent loudly licking the water from her fur.  And the cycle was complete.  She got to have the last word with each loud lick…and shortly thereafter, everybody got breakfast.

While the noise is unnerving and the scratching destructive, I actually find it hilarious that the cats continue to find ways to get what they want when they want it.  This is why they have been around for so long!  Because they are so smart, sometimes I think that our little baby Zoey, perched high atop the world, might be the director of the chaos on the ground, silently ‘willing’ Lily and Lucy to be naughty because she too would like her breakfast.  Since she was a kitten, I have wondered about this.

I am curious and would love to hear your ideas – how have you been able to break your cat’s bad behavior?  Any tips, tricks, or tools that maybe I haven’t tried?  (We use the squirt bottle but I question the sustainability of the “training” and I’ve used double-sided tape and anti-scratch spray to deter scratching.  I’ve even tried providing a little smidgen of extra food at bedtime to keep their bellies full.)

Here’s to naughty cats everywhere – cheers!


3 thoughts on “A very naughty cat

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  2. I definitely apply the “full belly method” when I can see my cat getting excited at night. She sleeps at my feet, so I prefer her calm at that time of the day. Another thing I recently got, that might not apply to a paraplegic cat (? I don’t know lol) is a laser pointer. If she gets overly active in the evening, I make her run around and burn off the excess energy. She sleeps like a BABY after that! Literally dissuading her of any bad habits, though, is another thing, and I haven’t succeeded yet. The water squirting is a good red-handed-disciplinarian, but yeah, as soon as you turn your back, they’re right back to it…

    • We use the laser pointer too. When they see it come out, they all go nuts waiting for the magical red spot to appear. The problem is that Anya also loves the laser pointer so we have to put her outside in order for the cats to get their playtime. LOL

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