The 12 days of…pets!

Random tidbit about me: I love the Ellen Show.  My grandma and I watch it together every Tuesday and Friday and it’s just good, fun, happy TV.  Today kicked off Ellen’s 12 days of Christmas so I am feeling inspired.

Over the years, I have rescued, adopted, played with, pet, loved, and mourned thousands of animals.  My heart has some sort of connection to animals that draws them to me (or me to them?) and I LOVE it!  So, in honor of all the countdowns that happen this time of year, I’d like to pay homage to some (of the many) animals who have touched my life.

Today, we start off with Yve (pronounced Eve.)  Found wandering around near someone’s home, she sashayed her way into my heart and my home in April of 2008 when I was working at a humane society in Florida.  She was so pregnant that it looked like she had swallowed a basketball.  I felt inclined to give her some kind of symbolic name but needed to stay true to my gimmick of names with a “y” so there you have it.

The first couple of days, she spent her days and nights in my office – safe and private in the event she delivered her kittens overnight.  When Friday afternoon came along and not a kitten to be seen, I decided she had to come home with me.  She moved into my master bathroom and made herself comfortable.  It was so much fun to have her around and fascinating to watch as she prepared to be a mom.  Lily, Lucy, Zoey, and Mya were curious about the cat on the other side of the door but always backed off when I went in/out.  It was like they knew it was a special place: a nursery.

Yve safely delivered six kittens (five male, one female) a week after moving in with us.  Awe-struck, I cried as I witnessed her deliver her beautiful kittens and assured her (and myself) that, when they were old enough, she would be spayed and never have to deliver so many babies again.  She raised her kittens in my bathroom until they were seven weeks old, when they began destroying everything in the room.  Talk about a party…it was like running a daycare in my house!  Yve, though, was a lover kitty…so sweet, affectionate, and gentle to the core.  She was a good mama and, had I not already had three cats, I would have adopted her myself.

In the end, the whole brood – including my precious Yve – were spayed/neutered and found homes pretty quickly.  Yve’s adopted dad was a really nice guy who fell in love with her while volunteering at the shelter.  He and I kept in touch for a couple of years after that but life catches up with everyone and I haven’t heard from him in a while.  I know though, that Yve is loved and cared for and that’s all that matters.

Happy Christmas my Yve.  Thank you for putting your paw prints on my heart.

pregnant YveMy beautiful Yve.  Cooling her pregnant belly on the tile.

Yve: about to deliverHer look here is both precious and heartbreaking.  I knew that she was uncomfortable and that kittens were coming whether we were ready or not.  I felt helpless but she made it look relatively easy.  She was so amazing.

Yve: a great mama!Here she is with her six babies.  She was a natural…so much so that it made me wonder how many litters she’d had before finding her way to me.  The eight weeks Yve lived with me were some of the best weeks of my life.  With her, her kittens, my own animals, and a foster dog, it was all work, all day but it was totally worth it!

Yve & I the day she was adoptedI think this might be the first photo of myself that I’ve posted – surprise!  This was taken the day Yve was adopted by her new dad, Steve.  I was overjoyed that she was going to a forever home and, yet, a little sad.  I was preparing to leave Florida and knew I would probably never see her again.  It was a special moment on a special day.  I am eternally grateful for the time I shared with Yve.


9 thoughts on “The 12 days of…pets!

    • Me too! Or I might have four cats! She was such a special girl and fostering such a special experience. I love a good pet adoption story. Thank you for reading!

    • Thanks! It is amazing…because they do not “talk” to us sometimes, I think, we forget all those little connections. Just like the random passerby who holds the door for you…so many points of impact. It’s nice to think about these animals. Plus my readers don’t know all my stories…yet! 🙂

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