The love we share

I’ve always been cognizant of the fact that I might be considered (by some) a little crazy for adopting a permanently paralyzed pet.  But, as I watch people and wonder about the decisions different people make, I wonder, how many would make the same decision I made five and a half years ago…?  Caring for Zoey has become so normal to me and I just cannot imagine my life without her.  I imagine that my unconditional love for her is much like the love a mother feels for her children…it’s how I feel about all of my animals…my babies.

I reflect upon this maternal love I have for my pets quite often.  I “hear” their voices when they stare into my eyes and I can anticipate their needs based on the sounds they make and their body language.  My heart physically hurts when I think about the final days with my beloved Mya and I miss her every single day.  I regularly contemplate things like safety, diet, comfort, and the overall health and happiness of all five of my fur-children.  And, I find that many times, I will choose them over myself – in a rational way – like buying them a better quality food over buying some useless knick-knack that catches my eye.

In the midst of this Thanksgiving holiday, as always, I contemplate love, family, and friendships and, again, find myself thankful for my family and friends and for all the comforts I have in this life.  And, I find myself eternally thankful for the presence of my pets in my life.  For without them, I would not be a whole person and I wouldn’t know the unconditional love I often take for granted each day.

And all of us – myself, Kyle, Zoey, Chewy, Lily, Lucy, and Anya – are thankful, too, for each of you who so willingly shares your heart and your home with our four-, three-, and two-legged friends.  (Zoey’s presence is a ready reminder of the love that can come in a two-working-legs form!)  I hope you too find yourself amazed and humbled by the love you share with your fur-children.



4 thoughts on “The love we share

  1. Zoey is so special! She is the purrrfect fur-baby. I know what you mean about talking to each other. Sometimes I can be quite vocal with my humans but sometimes all it takes is a look and they KNOW exactely what I mean! Bisous Bailey

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