You can just call us “the animal whisperers”

I uploaded the rest of the pics I took while Rosie stayed with us and I realized just how proud I am of myself and Kyle.  We were able to safely incorporate a tiny little puppy into our household with a highly prey-driven adult dog – a husky-mix no less – in just a few days.  By the end of the ten days that Rosie stayed with us, all three dogs were going outside to potty together (with minimal supervision) and playing together in the house.  It was fascinating to watch as Anya began to understand what Rosie was all about and as Rosie grew more confident (still pretty submissive) with Anya…to the point that she would even give chase when Anya turned her attention elsewhere.

Years ago I wasn’t a fan of the “dog whisperer” but in 2008 I had the opportunity to meet Cesar Milan and watch him work with shelter dogs at a speaking engagement in Miami.  I immediately understood why so many people raved about him: he just gets dogs.  His no-nonsense, common sense approach to dog psychology left me feeling empowered and reminded me that, at all times, I need to be the calm, assertive leader in my house full-o-pets.  When Kyle and I got married, he was the same way.

Together, we are simply the leaders of our pack and we don’t let the dogs (or the cats!) question it.  They trust us, they respect us; we love each other unconditionally and live in peace alongside each other.  And, even though we don’t do everything right all of the time and sometimes our animals are nutty, as I look at these photos, I am reminded of the good work we did and all the things we can still accomplish with our animals.

Now, maybe I can figure out how to get the rest of the world to live in peace with one another…???

Anya, Rosie, and Chewy explore the backyard.

Rosie follows Anya’s lead.  There are dogs on the other side of the fence.

Anya shows off.  Big dogs have way more fun.


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