The cutest paraplegic cat


I woke up this morning around 8 AM to the sound of Zoey’s rear legs having a spasm.  My mommy radar opened my eyes and I laid there for a minute listening to confirm what I heard.   I knew that Zoey had either a) thrown up a hairball, b) urinated in her bed, or c) pooped in her bed.  So, I was up (mind you, I had already been up at 5:30 feeding the farm) and found that both ‘b’ and ‘c’ had occurred.  As I mentioned in my August 30th post, A day in the life , I always get nervous when Zoey has a bout of incontinence for I fear that she could be having a FLUTD flare-up.  I got her cleaned up and put on a fresh pair of pooch pants and off she went.  I caught up with her a few minutes later and gave her a small dose of medication (anti-inflammatory) in an effort to prevent a full-on flare-up.

As I have been going about my business today, preparing for a family gathering tonight in honor of my birthday, I keep looking at her and checking on her.  I am determined to prevent a flare-up and make sure that she’s okay.  And, as I always do around my birthday, I get a little nostalgic and find myself looking at old photographs of when my fur-babies were babies!  Zoey continues to be an adorable and hilarious inspiration every day but when I look back at her ‘baby’ pictures, I am reminded of how stinking cute she was!  Everything she did was new and different, rewarding and empowering.  I was in awe of her…I still am.

Top photo: Lucy, Lily, and Zoey play together in celebration of L & L’s first birthday.

Lower photo: Zoey was napping on my lap and finally popped her head up as if to ask “why are you taking so many photos?”



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