Fall play time & a peaceful home

Our puppy-sitting adventure began on Saturday when Rosie entered our home.  When she arrived, Anya was absolutely beside herself…trying to decide whether Rosie was a dog or a squirrel.  We still don’t think she’s decided yet so we’ve opted to keep play time separate and Rosie can socialize peacefully with Chewy and the cats.  Speaking of the cats, this has been one of the least invasive visiting pet experiences any of my cats has ever had.  Usually the visiting dog (or cat) creates a presence that my cats can’t ignore and they get stressed out and pouf out their tails, hiss, and run away.  There was minimal hissing and Zoey, the bravest of them all, has investigated the pup without much hesitation.  I think it helps that Rosie doesn’t seem interested in them either!  In fact, Rosie has been most interested in Kyle and I, Chewy, and of course, Anya.  She is especially happy to trot behind Chewy as she makes her rounds outside and they even played a gentle game of chase on Saturday.  Quite cute.

All in all, this experience solidifies my belief that it’s all about the presence you present to/with animals.  Kyle and I are pretty calm, peaceful human beings and we expect the same of the animals with whom we live.  Before I got married, I had as many as 12 animals in my home at one time (my four plus eight fosters: a beautiful geriatric dog and mama cat and her six kittens) and life went on as normal.  Since we’ve been married we have only had a couple of temporary residents and it’s good to know that I (we) can still maintain peace and calm for all.  It’s sort of a “come to me my jungle friends” feeling.  (Yes, I just quoted Ace Ventura.)  And, it just makes me feel really good.

While it is all very positive, we do hope that Anya will relax a little more and finally come to peace with the fact that Rosie is in fact a member of the canine family and NOT prey.  We still have a week; I am confident that play time will involve two big dogs and a pup running around together in our yard at some point in the next few days.  Today, though, they enjoyed the 70 degree fall day with individual yard time and all the exciting things that come with fall: leaf piles and leaf blowers.

Rosie smiles as she wades through the leaf pile.

It really is ridiculous how cute and tiny she is!

Kyle bought a new leaf blower/mulcher and it threw Anya a curve ball.  Curious to a fault, she couldn’t help but get up close to see what it was all about.

Chewy moves briskly making her rounds around the back yard…and avoiding a direct shot from the camera.

Anya looks sweet and innocent but take note of the hole by her right front paw.  I had just told her to stop digging and this is the precious look I get.  She’s such a crazy dog.

Happy Fall!



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