A husky has been here

I think it’s the Dove body wash my husband uses…it makes a frothy lather that is often left behind on the walls of the tub after he’s done showering.  Or, it might just be the wet smells of the tub post-shower.  Whatever it is, Anya goes crazy over it and can’t help but get in the tub to investigate.  She’s gotten quite good at this trick and, over the years, we don’t even realize she’s done anything until the next time we go into the bathroom.  Nine times out of ten, there’s evidence left behind.  You see, for as much as she enjoys exploring a clean bathtub, Anya also enjoys working in the gardens in the backyard and running like a gazelle through the yard and sliding into “home” like a pro-baseball player.  Whatever dirt is left on her paws turns to mud-prints after her bathtub exploration.  Evidence of her crime.


One thought on “A husky has been here

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