Zoey’s dog

For having been attacked by a dog at a young age, Zoey has been remarkably unafraid of dogs in the five plus years she’s been my baby.  The first dog she lived with, Mya, was gentle albeit mildly annoyed that we had even acquired cats.  So it seems that strange logic of ignoring (the cat) and then it (the cat) loves you even more paid off for Mya.  I am pretty sure that Zoey loved Mya, sometimes demonstrating her love by rubbing her little gray body up against Mya’s face.

Then, after moving in with my now husband, Zoey fell head-over-heels in love with Chewy, my husband’s dog.  Chewy, then a nine or so year old retriever/chow mix, was smitten with the addition of canine and feline sisters and didn’t mind the attention from Zoey.  Over the past three years, Zoey has grown increasingly more affectionate towards Chewy – running towards her screaming “Aehhhh” as if trying to say “Wait, here I come!”  She then proceeds to throw her face and body against Chewy, almost wild with passion.  We joke that poor Chewy is being molested by Zoey.

Chewy is now 13+ years old and, lately, seems to be aging more quickly.  But, she manages to keep up with our younger dog and three cats and is the patient matriarch of the family.  I can’t help but believe that she enjoys the attention from Zoey and quite likes being wanted/needed so much.

Chewy, notoriously difficult to photograph (she thinks the camera will steal her soul and bolts when we pull it out), today.  Approximately 13 years old.  I had to sneak and aim the camera between objects on my desk.

Zoey and her dog, Chewy, cuddled together on a cool evening in January 2011.  Zoey, only 9 pounds, has a way of getting comfortable close to her favorite warm bodies.



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