The best set-up and tools of the “trade”

For the first few years, I would sit on the floor with a small litter box between my legs to express Zoey’s bladder and stimulate a bowel movement.  Over the years, I have re-thought and re-organized my set-up and found the most effective tools to get the job done quickly and cleanly.

These days, I rely on a changing table that I got from Craigslist for $30.  A friend of mine who has two little girls is always watching for good deals so she emailed me when the perfect one popped up.  The changing table is equipped with a basket of washable Pooch Pants, baby wipes from Target, towels, doggie poop bags, and Nature’s Miracle spray.  On the bottom shelf I even have two cat beds that Lucy and Lily (my other cats) can snooze in.  One of the primary pieces of equipment is a smallish Sterilite container with a clip-on lid that I keep litter in and use twice daily to catch urine and bowel movements.  Then, as I am getting  Zoey’s pants ready, she has the option of being a “normal” cat and burying all of it.

Much like having a (human) baby, caring for a paraplegic pet takes some extra thought and planning.  Once you find the equipment that works for you, you quickly find your rhythm and it can be just about as easy as breathing…with the occasional hiccup.

Here’s a photo my set-up.  You are welcome to email me or comment with any questions you have.


2 thoughts on “The best set-up and tools of the “trade”

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